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There are a number of ways our arborists can trim your trees to let in light and improve the tree health.

Crown lifting

Our expert arborists can let light in by pruning the tree’s lower canopy, to raise the level of the branch line higher. Tree trimming will help this tree grow healthy without any diseased and weakening lower branches, and let in light under the tree’s canopy – this kind of pruning is often helpful for gardens and access ways.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction lets in more light by trimming the tree height and controlling the spread of the crown, while still retaining the shape of the tree top. This tree shows an example shape where pruning the crown will help the tree’s health and reveal views, letting in light and improving the look of the tree.

Crown thinning

Crown thinning involves trimming out branches from the crown of the tree, while leaving an aesthetically pleasing shape and height. This is particularly useful for Pohutukawa and other protected trees where tree topping is not an option – but branches under a certain diameter can be removed.

For tree trimming to allow more light into your property or to enquire about our tree pruning services by professional arborists, contact Oakwood today. To get your free quote, simply fill in the online form.

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