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Here are our most commonly asked questions on Auckland tree removal, tree felling and pruning - if your question isn't covered here please ask us!

Do you provide help with resource consent for tree felling?

Yes. Oakwood Treecare can normally assist with getting your resource consent. Your tree felling job may be approved for safety reasons, or to let light and warmth into your home.

Does the tree species affect the likelihood of obtaining consent?

Yes it is important to know what species of tree you want to prune or remove, so our arborists will advise you on the type of tree when you get your free quote.

Do you perform large tree removal in Auckland?

Large tree removal is all part of the service for our arborist team. We use sectional dismantling, specialised lowering ropes and tree climbing harnesses on a daily basis. For demanding large tree removal jobs, a hiab, crane or helicopter can be used.

Can I use the mulch from the tree work on my garden?

You may want to take advantage of our tree mulching service and put the wood chip on your garden, that's absolutely fine.

What about the stump?

We can help with stump grinding if the tree removal work leaves unwanted stumps.

What specialist arborist equipment is used?

We use a wide range of specialist arborist equipment including a large 15 inch chipper with a built-in winch for use in tree removal and large tree pruning jobs. We often use abseiling equipment, and also have a friction device called a port-a-wrap which enables an arborist to lower very heavy pieces of wood (up to 1 tonne) with complete control.

How do you do large tree felling in residential areas?

Our arborists often have to 'section-fell' or urban trees by removing all branches systematically then dismantling the trunk from the top down, a section at a time, lowering each length individually. Ropes, and often the port-a-wrap, are used to control the falling movement of each piece of the tree.

Even with the best arborists and processes, using a tree company with full insurance (like our policy) is a must.

How can I make sure my property is ready for the tree work to begin?

Before our arborists arrive there are five things we suggest you do:

  • Park vehicles away from the tree
  • Move the trampoline, climbing frame or children’s toys
  • Remove small plants from near the base of the tree for replanting later
  • Inform your neighbours of the tree removal
  • Decide if you need a stump grinder. If you do, ask us about our competitive stump grinding prices.
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