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Our tree felling team needed to take a very analytical approach to removing a large liquid amber tree in the crowded residential Auckland suburb of Mt Albert.

The tree was large enough to require a resource consent before it could be cut down, which was granted on the basis of historical limb failures. Liquid ambers are often structurally unsound and are worth keeping an eye on for splits and weakened branches.

The tree’s height and the proximity of surrounding houses, garages, fences and overhead power lines meant that sectional felling was the safest and most controllable method of felling the tree.

Recent addition to the Oakwood team, Arborist Jed Copsey, did a great job on all the climbing required to repeatedly get ropes up the tree so we could ensure controlled lowering of each section.

Tree felling in residential areas is often technically demanding as a large section of tree trunk or a renegade branch could cause costly damage to asphalt and concrete driveways, pools, outdoor furniture, fences, parked cars and power lines – as well as homes and garages. This is why using professional arborists who have full insurance is a must for anyone looking for tree services in Auckland.

The image on the right shows a Port-A-Wrap lowering device, which uses friction to reduce drag, allowing a single arborist to lower a lot of weight, with no risk. The Oakwood tree care team regularly employ this useful device in tree felling and large branch removal.

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