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There are multiple benefits of professional arborist tree pruning at your Auckland home or business property including:

1. Avoid property damage from fallen branches

All big trees run the risk of shedding branches which can cause significant damage to your home or business. Although we provide emergency tree removal throughout Auckland, prevention is more effective than risking a dangerous situation. Branches don’t need strong winds to fall off – they can fall for no apparent reason.

2. Improve tree structure & resilience

Careful pruning by an experienced arborist will enhance the shape and form of a tree while bearing in mind any height restriction requirements.

3. Appealing aesthetic

Oakwood arborists know how to shape each tree for a more beautiful result, without compromising tree health. You’ll be amazed how careful tree pruning and crown thinning can also improve your view.

4. Extend tree life

Removal of dead and diseased branches prolongs the life expectancy of trees. Selective tree branch removal improves the health of a tree and regular maintenance can help prevent against limb failure.

5. Identify high-risk branches

Oakwood arborists can identify high-risk branches that are in danger of falling and also ensure overhead electricity service lines are clear of trees.

6. Get rid of the damp in your home & let your garden grow

Good tree maintenance eliminates risk, damp, and too much shade from big trees. Tree topping can improve your home’s views, warmth and dryness, and increase the viability of gardens by letting in light.

7. Improve the view for a more beautiful home

Almost any view can be improved with judicious tree pruning, trimming of big trees, crown thinning or tree topping – you’ll increase the value of your home, and you’ll enjoy living it in so much more.

8. Let in the light

Good natural light and warm homes are at the top of New Zealander’s property wish list and removing large branches can let light into your home and improve the living space in your garden instantly. Let the sun shine into your property with crown lifting, crown thinning, tree pruning and even full tree removal.

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