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Our qualified arborists are happy to quote the cost to remove a tree from your property. Oakwood is the best tree company for tricky tree removal work in Auckland for the following reasons:

Tree removal consultancy

We can advise the benefits of tree removal vs tree pruning or vice versa. Complete tree removal is often a last resort, and we will advise on other options if you prefer.

Highly trained climbing arborists

Abseiling is the safest method of undertaking tree work at height. Oakwood Treecare and Consultancy only employs qualified, climbing arborists in our tree felling teams.

Very large Trees are no problem

Large tree removal is one job where it really pays to have expert arborists on the job. Oakwood arborists are some of the most experienced arborists in Auckland.

Competitive costs for tree felling and tree cutting services

The cost for large tree removal typically ranges from $2000 – $5000. However this price can vary widely, so it is best to get in touch with our experienced arborists to get an accurate quote for your tree removal.

... and a satisfaction guarantee.

Oakwood Treecare and Consultancy back all work and is pleased to offer all residential and commercial customers a solid 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Auckland arborist team regularly receives unsolicited feedback from happy customers. Read the reviews here

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