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The Auckland tree arborist team at Oakwood Treecare use specialist stump grinding equipment to ensure each job is undertaken effectively. Different sized stump grinders are employed for different sized tree stumps. No stump is too big or too small for our hard-working arborists.

Hot tip - You don’t have to wait before taking care of tree stump removal. Stump grinding can be done right after tree felling.

Oakwood Treecare offers competitive stump grinding prices

Oakwood Treecare proudly offers competitive stump grinding and tree stump removal prices for Auckland homeowners and corporate clients. Oakwood Treecare's team are highly skilled and qualified arborists and stump grinding professionals which ensures each job is done expertly and efficiently – and with the correct sized stump grinder.

The arborists at Oakwood Treecare do not recommend hiring a stump grinder and doing it yourself. This is because stump grinders for hire may be of questionable quality and can be dangerous for inexperienced people to use.

Our stump grinding and tree removal team can take care of everything from tree pruning and felling to stump grinding and mulching.

Specialist tree care services

Besides stump grinding and garden mulch, Oakwood Treecare offers other tree services. Our arborists provide expert tree pruning, tree felling and complete tree removal in Auckland.

Save time and effort – use our Auckland stump grinding service for your tree stump removal. Book a free quote by completing the online form now.

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