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Oakwood Treecare and Consultancy’s Tree Pruning Services were called upon (by Samson Corp) to prune the row of tall poplars on the corner of Ponsonby Road and Karangahape Road.

As well as containing the size of the large trees, pruning the row of poplars was essential to prevent their wide reaching branches breaking and falling onto people or cars. Tree pruning was important for tree maintenance and health, to remove major deadwood and reduce the end weight of their branches.

Selective tree branch removal will improve the health of a tree and regular maintenance will prevent limb failure. These poplars are now set for a long and healthy future providing greenery in one of Auckland’s prettiest suburbs.

Our professional aborists are safety experts

The significant size of the eight large poplars and their location on Auckland’s busy Ponsonby Road, meant that the safety of both the public and our arborists was paramount. The tree trimming work was scheduled for a weekend to minimise inconvenience and avoid the heaviest traffic flows. The job required full pedestrian and traffic control.

To redirect traffic the Oakwood tree trimming team erected safety cones and tape to close a lane and a parking area to ensure that cars were not beneath the trees being pruned.

The arborists carrying out the pruning followed strict safety procedures including using abseiling harnesses for working at height, and all the normal arborist safety gear.

Ask about our tree trimming services in Auckland

Large tree pruning in urban and residential areas involves a high degree of risk, and we highly recommend the use of professional arborists with full insurance.

Oakwood Treecare and Consultancy employs Site Safe certified arborists and provides instant peace of mind with full insurance cover.

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