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Henderson Westfield identified that a large weeping willow tree which craned over a stream needed to be removed, but wanted to avoid any customer inconvenience or safety issues.

Because the tree was craned over the stream, which runs between the shopping centre and the carpark, pedestrian traffic over the nearby over-bridge would have been blocked if the bridge was used to transport the branches and sections of trunk across.

Westfield and Oakwood decided to avoid any obstructions and possible health and safety issues for customers by bringing in an 80 tonne crane. The Oakwood tree services team closed a section of the Westfield car park at 7am and used the crane to dismantle the weeping willow and for removal of the tree across the stream.

Susan Hunt, Facilities Manager at Westfield WestCity, kindly wrote to express her appreciation of our tree services team and the minimal disruption to customers:Use of the crane enabled the arborists to work very quickly, and despite the size of the willow, the entire tree removal was completed by 11am – a total project time of 4 hours.

“Just wanted to pass on our thanks for the excellent job done today for the clearing of the willow tree – the arborists did a fabulous job and we got a lot of positive feedback from the general public as well. Please ensure you pass on our thanks to your crane contractor and team.”


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